Easy EMR/EHR Integration

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Voice Recognition Editing

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Quality Transcription

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Zero Paperwork Policy

Doctors did not go to medical school to become typists, so why are they wasting 3+ weeks each year on paperwork and data entry?

Studies show that charting via an EHR can add an additional hour or more to a physician's work day. With Sound Medical Transcription (SMT), physicians generate patient notes using dictation and transcription, and the completed notes are automatically sent to their EHR. Efficiencies result in increased satisfaction and increased productivity.

Is your EHR stealing precious time away from the care of your patients?

Spend more time interacting with your patients and less time with your computer.


Efficiencies result in increased satisfaction & increased productivity

Clinics that are fully automated make use of enhancements such as digital recorders, telephone dictation, and/or voice recognition software. Technology enables staff to manage medical reports online, creating: